Welcome to DASSI sunshine coast

Welcome to the Descendants of the Australian South Sea Islanders Association Inc (DASSI Inc) web page.  Our organisation has been in existence for over 25 years, first becoming incorporated in 1996.  We formed to support and advocate for our Australian South Sea Islander community in the areas of health, housing, education,  justice, cultural and historical preservation.

DASSI Inc is based on the Sunshine Coast and supports Australian South Sea Islanders across the southeast corner and beyond.  The DASSI Inc management committee meets once a month at Bli Bli, close to the sugar can farms, not far from the Maroochy River where our forefathers, cleared the land, lived and, grew/harvested sugar cane.


  1. To liase with other organisation and do other things which may be necessary to advance the well-being of Australian South Sea Islander persons, families, and community life
  2. To provide the community with a variety of educational, cultural, and social opportunities which will further the development of personal skills and community co-operation
  3. To provide support and practical assistance to Australian South Sea Islanders who wish to research their family history.
  4. To provide assistance to members and families of the corporation to obtain better housing, health, education, and other appropriate communal services necessary to meet their needs
  5. To promote a united community in which all people live in harmony together regardless of race

WARNING: This website may contain phots and stories of deceased  persons!